ASU launches MA in global security, with irregular warfare concentration

In response to the evolving landscape of global security challenges, Arizona State University is launching a groundbreaking Master of Arts in global security, with a concentration in irregular warfare.


ASU draws top diplomats, officials, researchers to forum on competitive statecraft

2-day conference covers diplomacy, defense technology and disinformation Arizona State University gathered top diplomats, business leaders and higher education innovators to its campus to brainstorm how the U.S. can regain and sustain its competitive edge in the world. Titled “ASU Forum on Innovating for Competitive Statecraft,” the conference was held on Thursday and Friday, and…

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Developing a mastery of irregular warfare

The U.S. military has failed to master irregular warfare above the tactical level. This is not a new problem, and it is one that has been recognized by leaders at the most senior echelons of government. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates stated this perhaps most clearly when he admonished the Department of Defense (DOD) in his 2008 National Defense…

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The Department of Defense is working on a new definition of irregular warfare, and the stakes are surprisingly high. The danger lies not just in forgetting whatever was learned from twenty years of engagement with substate actors through counterinsurgency and counterterrorism. Rather, in seeking to apply the term to state-based actors, the better to capture…

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ASU launches global security and competitive statecraft graduate certificate

During this emerging era of geopolitical competition and compounding security challenges, it is imperative for international security practitioners to stay up to date on current trends that shape contemporary national statecraft.