Irregular Warfare & Military Learning

ASU Charter

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ASU is a prototype National Service University

National Service Universities aspire to accelerate positive social outcomes through the seamless integration of cutting-edge technological innovation and scalability with institutional cultures dedicated to the advancement of academic enterprise and public value. 

Professional Education for IW

Security & Defence PLuS Short Courses (offered in collaboration with King’s College London and the University of New South Wales): 

Graduate Education for IW

The MA in Global Security – Irregular Warfare concentration is the first of its kind in an accredited civilian university. It addresses the growing recognition among security experts that irregular warfare will be a prominent component of future conflicts, particularly in the context of great power competition. 

Coursework focuses on current and future conflict domains including cyber, information & narrative warfare, economic competition, proxy war, counterinsurgency, and other domains of irregular warfare and special operations that make up a whole-of-society approach to contemporary conflict. Featured faculty include David Kilcullen, Ajit Maan, Peter Singer, Peter Bergen, Ike Wilson, and Candace Rondeaux. 

Key courses in the Irregular Warfare concentration include: GSC 571: Narrative Conflict; and GSC 572: Proxy Warfare, Strategic Thinking, History, and Operational Arts. 

Other degree concentrations and certificates offered in the MAGS program include:

Military Learning Partnerships



ASU has a long record of convening multi-sector stakeholder communities to address the most difficult problems of irregular warfare and strategic competition.

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